CareBI is a world-class clinical and business intelligence tool to deliver real-time care-cost continuum management. It helps you gain competitive advantage through actionable insights and improve your hospital SCORE to offer better patient care.

Offering end-to-end integrated information technology to improve your hospital SCORE
(Safety. Costs. Outcomes. Research. Experience.)

At Ohum, we are a 110+ member team of technologists, clinicians, Quality experts, and hospital managers who are committed to deliver the highest value-add to each customer. We are exclusively focused on clinical transformation.


Actionable Insights – Examples

  • How do we improve our core responsibility, patient safety?
  • Hospital incidents analysis (e.g. No of patients acquiring infections, medication/test/treatment errors), readmission analysis, mortality rates
  • Quality of care assessment (immediate corrective action requirements)
  • Which of the services are most profitable?
  • How do we reduce our costs?
  • How do we optimize the care cost continuum?
  • Excess Drug inventory analysis
  • Asset/resources utilization analysis (For Example: Percentage wastage of Blood)
  • Claims to reimbursement ratios
  • Physician/department/channel wise performance dashboards
  • Average cost per discharge
  • Case mix revenue segregation and analysis
  • How do we guarantee the quality of care to our patients?
  • How do we measure it?
  • JCAHO/NABH core measures
  • Average length of stay, Bed turnover, Lab Test Turnaround time
  • Critical patient report
  • Case mix Survival & readmission analysis
  • Ambulance to ER Lag time
  • How do we achieve World class research standards?
  • How do we empower doctors with better research tools?
  • Clinical note searches
  • Case mix outcome based analysis
  • Survival follow-up analysis
  • Pathology test value trends
  • How do we attract more patients?
  • When do they prefer going elsewhere?
  • Patient feedback analysis
  • Average wait times & Average discharge process times
  • Walk in/Referral patients statistics
  • Healthcare Packages & Preventive checkup trends

GM_00011_key benefits

  • Improve overall organizational performance- Get a 360 degree performance overview, to help improve your hospital SCORE© (Safety, Costs, Outcomes, Research & Experience)
  • Collaborate more effectively- Empower your Care providers to view their own scorecards and compare their facility utilization, case costs, infection rates, patient satisfaction, and other outcomes against established benchmarks pertinent to their specialties.
  • Make better strategic decisions- Study the information, insights & impact of the Key Performance measures & make informed strategic decisions based on trends & extrapolations
  • Comply with regulations and report to stakeholders- Detailed non-compliance drill down views with actionable information for the CMO, CQO, CMIO at the click of a button
  • Improve quality of care to standards of Global Clinical excellence


  • In-depth Cross Functional & Sectional Analysis- Multiple handles like gender, location department, encounter type etc. empower the users to carry our in-depth cross functional analysis for various segment slices
  • Colour coded SCORE Vs CAFI matrix – Snapshot view of the hospital Health & shows the concern areas at one glance
  • Comprehensive Regulatory Reporting- Readily available standard compliance reports like JCI, Meaningful Use Clinical Quality Measures (CQM), Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
  • Inbuilt Benchmarking to international standards- Pre-built indicators to report measures of performance against standards and help track planned improvement