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Studies have found that physicians find it extremely difficult to work with EHRs. They spent nearly 44% of their time in entering data in their EHR. The need for too much typing and too many mouse clicks to retrieve required information makes most of the EHRs ineffective for the doctors who need to evaluate multiple aspects at the same time and reach to a conclusion in a matter of a few seconds. An ineffective EHR can slow them down, confuse them, reduce their direct patient time time, and hamper the quality of care. Is there a solution to this problem?

In this webinar, we have invited views from doctors and physicians, just like you, as to what they really want their EHRs to do for them.

Come and join to hear their thoughts and also have a look at some real-life demonstration of the best solutions which are loved by the modern doctors.



Udai Kumar is highly successful serial entrepreneur, mentor and investor based out of the USA. Udai brings almost 28 years of IT industry and entrepreneurial experience. A Founder of OHUM and co-founder of QUINNOX, Udai has a deep understanding of the global delivery model and specialized in Global Business development, Human capital Management, Finance, Software development, 6sigma, Systems & processes. He has successfully managed offshore engagements for a number of Fortune 1000 firms.
Udai holds a Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Systems and Marketing from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, India and a BS in Engineering from Banaras Hindu University, India.